Core Team and Expertise 

Dr Parminder Singh Sahota
Project Management Scientist and Consultant

Dr Parminder Singh SahotaNexus Aid CIC was formed by Dr Parminder Singh Sahota. He has a background that includes a Bachelors of Science degree (BS) with a major in Biology, Physics and Chemistry, a Masters in Business Administration (MBA), a Masters of Science (MSc) in Systems Engineering and Information Management and a PhD in innovation and knowledge management. The PhD work developed cultural models for change and improvements to BT’s research and R&D. This is supported by over thirty years of experience of working in multicultural environments spanning a number of diverse institutions.

He has undertaken and managed cross-disciplinary qualitative research within development projects for European, UK research agencies and commercial organizations, and has worked in Community Development projects in East Africa for several years. Dr Sahota has also project managed research and large scale economic development projects in both the developed (UK, Europe) and developing (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana and Cameroon) World. Some of the research projects he has worked on include the (i) UNITAR's (United Nations Institute for Training & Research) Climate Change Programme, (ii) SCAPE (Soil Conservation and Protection in Europe) Project, (iii) SUSCAP (Sustainable Chain Management and the Abatement of Poverty) Project - co-financed by the Dutch Government (TMF), (iii) AquaStress Project: EC FP6 (iv) Umoja Project in Kenya and (v) Rural Satellite Mapping Project in Kenya that looked at changes to agricultural land due to climate change.

Parminder has hands on experience in working on supply chain management, particularly in the construction industry, food production and in the human-technological factors that contribute to sustainable natural resource use. He has worked as an independent management consultant for major local and international organisations on projects such as the building of dams, pipelines, road works, bridges, international airport and hydroelectric stations where he achieved lower costs, improved productivity and quality, and decreased time-to-market.

Mehar Brar
Education and Training Consultant

Mehar BrarMehar is passionate about developing and releasing the leadership qualities we all have, both adults and young people, so that we can use our passions to guide our success in life. He works as an independent Education consultant providing support advice and training to schools in the areas of leadership, curriculum and teaching and learning.

He also has experience of carrying out school inspections here in the UK and internationally. He has previously worked as a School Improvement Adviser within a Local Authority. He provided support and guidance for schools on many aspects of their work, but particularly science, inquiry-led learning and teaching of skills across the curriculum. He was actively involved with Creative Partnerships in promoting the use of arts in school to enable teachers and students to explore the insights and learning that can be stimulated by arts across the curriculum. He has worked with Museums Libraries and Archives (South East) to help develop learning stimulated by personal and community experiences reflected in museum galleries. In addition to his work with schools and young people, Mehar is Chair of The Monitoring Group. He has been actively involved in helping the organisation protect the the civil rights of individuals and families who have faced racial discrimination.

Mehar speaks basic Spanish, is learning Russian and is continuing to develop his karate and yoga practice.

Dr Mark Lemon
Social Scientist for Resource and Management

Dr Mark Lemon Dr Mark Lemon has been a social scientist in the Centre for Resource Management and Efficiency at Cranfield University and now specializes in action research, and teaching, relating to the sustainability of the built-environment at De Montfort University, Leicester. Within this broad area he has focused on the factors that influence organizational culture, knowledge management and the way that multi-disciplinary and multi-agency teams define and respond to a wide range of environmental problems.

Mark has undertaken and managed cross-disciplinary qualitative research within environmental projects for European, UK research agencies and commercial organizations, and has worked in Community Development projects and for several years in the construction industry.  More recently he has been part of a multi-disciplinary and multi-organisational team that has delivered two Retrofit for the Future projects for the Technology Strategy Board in Leicester and Newcastle and has worked on a range of practical projects investigating the relationship between new energy technologies and consumer behaviour.  He is also engaged with a number of local authority, social housing and construction networks exploring the potential for modern methods of construction to deliver high quality and low energy buildings; both new build and retrofit.

Mark has been an evaluator for European and UK projects into low carbon developments and water management and has acted as a consultant on sustainability and environmental risk for the TSB, Environment Agency, BT and Cisco and Yorkshire Forward.

Dr Michael Crilly
BSc (Hons), DipTP, MAUD, PhD, MRTPI

Dr Michael Crilly A Director and Partner of Studio UrbanArea LLP, Michael is a town planner and urban designer with over twenty years work experience in strategic planning, community engagement, urban regeneration and sustainable development. This has been gained within the private, public, charity and academic sectors. He worked on a number of sustainability and urban design projects for the private and voluntary sectors before being awarded a doctoral student sponsorship from Norman Foster and Partners, based at Cranfield University, to undertake action-research into sustainable cities. After completing his doctorate, he worked for Newcastle City Council; as the Head of the Urban Design Section; on a range of inner city regeneration projects with a focus on sustainable housing, neighbourhood planning, social exclusion and community involvement. He also developed and managed several European research partnership programmes under the fifth and sixth framework, looking at different aspects of youth social exclusion and sustainable communities and construction work.

Between 2005 - 2007 he was on secondment as a Regional Programme Manager for the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment in the Tees Valley, working as a design advisor with the Urban Regeneration Company and the local authorities on a series of strategic regeneration projects and sites. He co-founded Studio UrbanArea LLP in 2007 as a mulit-disciplinary urban design group with the intention of integrating socioeconomic requirements into sustainable design projects. He lectures regularly on sustainable design, construction and urbanism.

Andy Stephenson
BSc(Hons), LLM

Andy Stephenson Andy is originally a Building Services Engineer who moved into the field of Sustainability in the 90’s. He attended Durham University as a mature student and graduated with a 1st in Environmental management, since then he has completed a Masters in Law and is currently writing up his thesis for a PhD which he does promise he will finish, eventually. Upon graduating from his BSc he worked as an Environmental manager in the Pharmaceutical Industry before moving onto senior positions in the Energy Savings Trust, Chester-le-Street District Council and finally Durham County Council

He is driven by the need to reduce reliance and demand on our natural resources with Fuel Poverty a big driver and is always looking at new ways to tackle this problem and looks at the whole rather than the individual. Prevention is better than a cure. He is a qualified Sap's assessor amongst many other skills and uses this in looking at reducing energy demand in new and existing dwellings. Until recently he was National Chair of the Carbon Action Network, a body that works very closely with Government on Domestic energy issues which include recent work on the Green Deal. He has also been called as an expert witness to the Governments Energy and Climate Change select committee.

He loves cycling and used to go to Keilder Forest regularly, but that was a while ago.

Ian Paton
Waste Management Consultant

Ian Paton Ian has been a technical advisor on successful PFI (Private Finance Initiative) waste bids for Donarbon in Cambridgeshire and Global Renewables in Lancashire. For Donarbon this involved leading the technical support team by undertaking technical reviews of different waste treatment systems including, Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT), composting, anaerobic digestion, Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF), recycling, collection systems and Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRC) management. For Global Renewable led on discussions with the State Veterinary Service (SVS) and other statutory bodies on product specifications (Quality Compost Protocol and PAS100) and Hazard Critical Control Points (HACCP) systems.

Ian is currently advising major waste companies and consultancies (including ART, Donarbon, and Waterman) on input requirements and output quality control for the development of RDF and Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF). This included the development and implementation of appropriate quality protocols and operating procedures. He has conducted lifecycle and process analysis for a major food producer (Marlow Foods) to identify areas of greatest impact on the environment. Invited to advise international clients based in Lebanon and Uganda, on improvements to their waste management and associated environmental practices.

Ian has been actively been involved in technology development and has been responsible for the design and build of composting facilities both in-vessel and open windrowsystems (including Viridor, Donarbon, Shanks, West London Composting), anaerobic digestionfacilities (Integrated BioGen,) and thermophilic aerobic digestion (Bio Waste Solutions) to complywith a variety of standards, Animal By-Products Regulations (ABPR), Composting Quality Protocoland PAS100 and PAS110.

He has also acted as Policy Advisor to Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) during the development of the Standards for Composts scheme (now PAS100). Commissioned by WRAP to produce a one-day training course “Quality Management Systems for Composting Facilities” and peer reviewed their seven Landmark Composting Training courses to support industry, local authorities and regulators. Ian has also acted on behalf of WRAP and The Composting Association in leading composting companies through the qualifying stages of the Compost Quality Protocol and PAS100.

Dr John Craig
Chartered Engineer and Chartered Environmentalist

Dr John Craig John Craig has set up, assessed and monitored systems world-wide including running factory workshops on culture and the environment, elimination of heavy metals in production processes and remediation of pollution. John has done over 500 audits and assessments of ISO9001 systems world-wide and has given advice on production capability, processes and measurement. He has represented the UK in European arenas in these topics. John has also been helping countries in Eastern and Central Europe since 1999 to set up management systems to reduce the risk of accidents and bad health, and so to protect the companies against punitive fines and worse. John has undertaken extensive research, training and inter-actional workshops in China, Hong Kong, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia.

He is also the founder of Girac Limited and Associates ( Girac Limited was formed in 1999 to provide management systems advice, environmental risk and impact evaluations world-wide, as well as providing consultation on all aspects of potential environmental degradation (including duty of care for site assessments, hazardous waste disposal, remediation of ground contamination, sewage and effluent treatment), training, workshops etc for companies seeking approval to ISO14001, ISO9001 and OHSAS18001, and for management and culture change. In addition, the process capability of manufacturing companies is evaluated and advice given on measurement and variation control as a means of saving cost and increasing profit.

Mayuri Taank
Nexus Aid’s First Volunteer

Mayuri TaankMayuri studied psychology with criminology and gained a BSc in 2009 after which she completed her MSc in health psychology. She is passionate about psychology and the ways the human mind and mental health affects our everyday life. Psychology is something Mayuri has been interested in from a very young age and is an area of academia that she wishes to pursue in the future. She is hard working and feels that times are very hard for young people at this current point in time.

The job market and economy is such that young people feel they have no hope and she hopes to help these people. She has innovative ideas about how young people can develop their personal skills and make them more hirable and shares Nexus Aid’s strategy of identifying opportunities in the job market that have not been explored especially on issues of sustainability including waste and recycling, water usage, energy efficiency and fuel poverty, sustainable incomes and greening the neighborhood.


We put in place organizational and operational performance information to help measure the internal operations of our organisation and provide detailed descriptions of program strategies (including goals, initiatives, metrics, targets, and timelines), which reflect lessons learned from past experience and opportunities for increased social impact.

Social impact data includes information on whether a program intervention has achieved its targeted social impact and outcome(s).

We endeavor to provide greater engagement with beneficiaries and feedback on the impact of all aid received. This includes:

  • quantitative data on inputs, activities, outputs and  outcomes,
  • qualitative perspectives of volunteers, employees, beneficiaries, donors, and community members.

Legal Matters 

Nexus Aid CIC, has been incorporated by the Registrar of Companies for England and Wales as a Community Interest Company: Company No. 7982905